How Do I Get Rid of White Ants

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One of the most common queries we get here at The Pest Guys is: “How on earth do I get rid of white ants?” Well, first thing’s first, white ants are really termites (it’s a common misconception, don’t worry), and secondly, you get straight on the phone to The Pest Guys!

What are White Ants?

“What do you mean white ants are really termites” we hear you ask. The term ‘white ant’ is just another name given to termites, so they are actually the same insect! The name stems from the creamy white colour of the white ant and the pesky critter’s similar appearance to the ants we more commonly see or come into contact with.

While termites, or white ants, and ants may look similar at a glance, thanks to their small size and similar body shape, it’s surprising to note that these two insects aren’t even closely related! Termites are actually more closely related to cockroaches than ants.

It’s the Little Things

Our destructive white ant houseguests have three subtle, yet distinguishable traits that will help you to differentiate between a lightly coloured ant and a ‘white ant’:

  1. Waist Size: Termites have a thicker, broader body with no distinguishable waist, while ants have a much skinnier waist.
  2. Antennae Shape: Termite’s antennae are straight and short, compared to an ants which are longer and have a clear bend.
  3. Wing Size: While both termites and ants have two sets of wings, there is a subtle difference in size; both pairs of the termite’s wings are the same size, whilst each pair of ant’s wings are a different size.

The Signs

So how do you know if your humble abode has attracted white ants? There can be several signs that white ants have made a home in your home, such as:

  • Spotting the termites flying around your property;
  • The buzzing, clicking or tapping sound of termites;
  • Buckling wooden floors or loose tiles;
  • Hard to open doors and windows;
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped; and
  • Termite droppings, or “frass”

For an in depth look at what signs you should keep an eye out for at your property, check out our Nine Signs You Have Termites blog.

Prevention is Better than Treatment…

Termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage every single year in Australia, and while the signs mentioned above may help you to catch the creepy crawlies before they can do further damage, there is a good chance your home may have already suffered from unseen structural damage.

As a homeowner or a renter, you can take steps to prevent your home from being victimised by these destructive little critters, such as:

  • Removing wood stacks from around your property;
  • Keeping plants trimmed and maintaining the garden;
  • Avoid using wood mulch adjacent to your home; and
  • Check the property foundation for holes, cracks and crevices.

Check out our top tips to reduce the risk of an infestation in our blog here.

If you do have termites, and you are in Perth, then you may need to contact The Pest Guys for Termite Treatment. 

…Unless You Call The Pest Guys for Termite Treatment!

Before you have to frantically reach for your phone and call The Pest Guys about a sinking loungeroom or buckling walls, you should consider calmly calling us to book a white ant assessment and subsequent treatment for your Perth home. At The Pest Guys, we will assess your home and make the best choice of treatment for your situation, whether it is monitoring, baiting or using a chemical termite treatment.

White ants won’t think twice about invading your home, so don’t waste any time booking in a white ant treatment in Perth with The Pest Guys. Call our expert team today to book in your treatment.