How Does House Construction Affect Your Chance of Termites?


When you think of buying or building a new home, the presence of termites may not automatically come to mind. But these pesky, destructive house guests can cause a lot of damage to both new and existing properties if they are not treated.

Unfortunately, no home or lot is completely immune to the effects of termites and pests. So what type of home construction results in a higher chance of termites, and how can professionals like The Pest Guys help you to protect against termites with one of their termite treatments for your Perth home?

Home Construction

Your risk of termite infestation can vary, depending on where you buy, the type of materials used in the house, and the foundations the house was built on. Termites can also be attracted to your property through things such as trees close to the property, or woodpiles left in the open.

Standalone Homes

Whether your little piece of paradise is built directly onto a concrete slab, or it has a suspended floor, you should always take precautions by calling The Pest Guys for an inspection or termite treatment! Our team will do the dirty work for you, by inspecting those nasty crevices under your suspended floor, or by providing a preventative termite treatment to keep any eager termites away from your family home.

Duplexes, Townhouses and Inner-City Homes

Because our inner-city suburbs are full of more concrete and bitumen than natural foliage, termites love to get into the framework of our homes to survive. If you have a duplex, semi-detached house, unit or home that shares a common wall or common roof with your neighbours, a termite infestation in one house could quickly turn into several houses being damaged, as shared walls and roof structures make it easy for termites to efficiently spread.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings, big and small, are also susceptible to termite infestations, While the owners of an apartment building should take care of your pest control needs, it is important as a tenant to keep an eye out for any signs of termites or other pests that may affect the structural integrity of your home and report them to your building manager or owner.

Country and Rural Homes

Those living in out in the country don’t get it easy; in fact, they may actually attract more termites to their home! Homeowners should be aware that their piles of wood stockpiled for burning, any animal pens made of wood and trees surrounding the property can attract and harbour termites.

Building a Solid Foundation

If you are yet to build your property, then you may be in luck! Other than ensuring you invest in a pre-construction termite treatment from The Pest Guys, there are certain building foundations that are more resilient to termites than others.
Foundations made from poured concrete are the most resistant to termites, however, termites can easily charge through any cracks, so using a reinforced concrete can help to avoid these cracks from forming.
Hollow block foundations and crawlspaces can be ideal for termites to gain access to your home, as these foundations allow termites access to the house without any obvious entry point.
Slab foundations can also provide termites with easy entry points to your home, as termites will tunnel through the mud to any cracks between the slabs and will use these small spaces to finally make their way into the tasty woodwork within your home.

The safest way to protect against termites is to take action before you build or buy! Contact the knowledgeable team at The Pest Guys today to find out how we can save your home with one of our termite treatments in Perth.