Homemade Pest Control Treatments That Just Don’t Work!

homemade pest control treatments don't work

When pests strike, it’s natural to want them gone straight away. The first thing you will probably do is turn to the all-knowing internet for a DIY solution, hoping to get rid of that bee hive or white ant infestation in an afternoon.

The fact is, residential and commercial pest control needs a professional. You might be able to control the pest population that you can see, but it won’t stop them coming back – and what about the rest of the horde hiding under the house?

We have heard of pretty much all the home pest control remedies, from the weird and wacky to solutions that sound almost feasible. Just like Unicorns, DIY pest control that actually works is a myth.

Don’t try this at home

Over the years in the Perth pest control industry we have come across some…inventive…pest control solutions. Here are some of the most common attempts that have failed:

DIY Bed Bug removal

  • Mattress cases
  • Boiling water
  • Store bought pesticides
  • Leaving the mattress in the sun
  • Diatomaceous Earth

These are all things that are recommended to control bed bugs – they will not effectively remove the infestation.

The Pest Guys take care of bed bugs with a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments, including giving you advice on the right physical barriers to stop bed bugs returning.

Bee Removal

Please do not try to remove bees yourself. Western Australia’s declining bee population, and the fact an angry bee will literally give everything to sting you, means bee removal requires a professional apiarist. We have heard about people using pesticides, or trying to remove the hive themselves.

The Pest Guys take no pleasure in eradicating bees – we always recommend you call a professional beekeeper and stay inside while they relocate the hive.

White Ant treatment

White Ants, also called termites, can be devastating to the structure of your house. They get in to wooden structures and chew from the inside out, so often you won’t even know you have a termite problem until it’s too late. The most common “home remedies” are:

  • Fly spray
  • Ant powder
  • Trying to kill the termite army with a well-placed shoe.

The best thing to do when you spot a termite invasion is to call a professional. The Pest Guys identify affected areas and trace the invasion back to its origins, treating white ants at their source.

Millipede control

When millipedes advance on your garden they can destroy months of plant and vegetable growth practically overnight. Unlike other pests there are things you can do to slow the advance of millipedes:

  • Trimming vegetation near house borders
  • Physical barriers like water
  • Switching off outside lights that attract millipedes
  • Cleaning up leaf litter and mulch

However, when you are in the middle of a millipede march, call for reinforcements. The Pest Guys have years of experience dealing with these introduced pests.

Silverfish control

At some point in every Western Australian’s life they will encounter a silverfish or two in the cupboard. These ubiquitous undesirables like to live in dark, damp places under sinks and cupboards so you should:

  • Vacuum frequently
  • Clean up dropped food and crumbs
  • Regularly clean under sinks and cupboards and behind the fridge

However, to properly remove an invasion and prevent them coming back, call The Pest Guys. Our silverfish control uses chemical and non-chemical treatments, removing the gang and preventing their return.

Call The Pest Guys

Our pest control methods are non-invasive and completely safe for families, children, and pets alike. The money and effort you pour into ineffective DIY pest control methods will be wasted, when all you have to do is pick up the phone or book a pest inspection through our website.