Getting to Know Australia’s Most Common Pests

avoid an ant infestation

From pesky ant infestations to spotting a concerning rat darting across your kitchen floor, pests vary in their nuisance level and threat to Australian households. While some pests just need a simple relocation or deterrent, others require a full-blown extermination to restore safety, comfort and cleanliness to your property

At The Pest Guys, we’ve seen it all. Working with residential and commercial clients throughout Perth, our professionals specialise in eliminating and deterring pests from invading Australian properties. Learn more about some of the most common pests we spot on the job.

Rats and Mice

From spotting droppings to hearing scattering through the night, rats and mice pose a significant threat to humans when found in houses. Responsible for contaminating food, spreading disease and causing damage to insulation, walls, cables and floors, it’s essential that you deal with a rat or mice infestation fast.

If you’re worried about a possible rat or mice infestation, contact a pest professional fast. An expert will be able to quickly detect an infestation and eliminate rats and mice from your property. They’ll also be able to protect your property with deterrents, strategies and barriers to minimise the chances of mats and rice entering again.


One of Australia’s most destructive pests, termites cause significant damage to the structure of properties. If you notice termites on your property, contact a professional quickly. An infestation of termites can quickly spread and get out of hand, causing more damage and making extermination a bigger job.  


Preferring warm homes, wall cavities and dark spaces, cockroaches often make an appearance at night when they start to look for food. Able to carry and spread disease, getting rid of cockroaches fast is essential to protect you and your family. Associated with a number of health risks for both kids and adults, contact an exterminator to rid your home of cockroaches for good.

Bees and Wasps

Particularly threatening to kids and pets, bees and wasps can be problematic once situated close to your home or in your outdoor living spaces. Building large nests quickly in bushes, trees and even lofts or wall cavities, they react aggressively if they feel threatened. If you spot a bee or wasp nest, leave it to a professional to remove it safely and efficiently to avoid property damage.


Intimidating and stressful, spiders are an unwelcome and threatening nuisance to Australian homes. Poisonous or not, it’s important to deal with infestations quickly and effectively. Spiders can be spotted weaving webs in corners, vents and in wall cracks. They prefer dark and small spaces and set themselves up fast in your home.

Regardless of the type of spider, eliminating an infestation will allow you to live peacefully and comfortably.

Effective Pest Management Packages in Perth

Whether posing a serious threat to health and safety or acting as an irritating nuisance, pest management is an important part of maintaining a comfortable and safe living or working space. At The Pest Guys in Perth, we provide affordable and strategic pest management packages to prevent and rid your property of pests.

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