Flying Insect Light Traps for Commercial Pest Control


Flying Insect Light Traps for Commercial Pest Control

With summer around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before people swarm to cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels with outdoor settings to enjoy the long, warm days. Keeping your commercial property pest-free can be a big task, but it’s a task that The Pest Guys can help you keep on top of with our range of Flying Insect Light Traps.

As the professionals in commercial pest control in Perth, we can recommend the best commercial pest control solution for your flying insect problems.
What Are Flying Insect Light Traps and How Do They Work?
Most people would be familiar with the “buzz” and “zap” of a flying insect light trap or “bug zapper”; they are a great solution to ensure your customers can enjoy their meal externally, without being made a meal of by mosquitos and other flying insects. But when it comes to your Kitchen, Bar or Food preparation areas it is essential to use a HACCP compliant Light trap using glue boards.

Flying insect light traps have some basic attributes, with variations across manufacturers and commercial or residential-intended ranges.
• Housing – The trap will generally be a light within a cage, though this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
• Light – An ultraviolet (UV) light is emitted, which mosquitos, flies and most flying insects are attracted to.
• Attractant – The light lures the insects close to the source. In some types of trap, a glue board is used, instead of electrocuting the insects. These glue boards often use certain smells or pheromones to attract insects.
• Trap – Some traps electrocute the attracted flying insects, causing the “zap” noise most of us are familiar with. In this case, a pan at the bottom of the trap catches the bugs. For glue boards, the adhesive on the trap will catch the insects.

How to Place a Trap

To make the most out of your flying insect light trap, you should strategically place the light traps around your property. The Pest Guys will advise you of the best place to install the light trap for your commercial space, and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have!
Some simple guidelines for placement are:
• Near room entrances – Installing a trap near a room entrance will maximise the chance of a trap catching the insects before they make it inside.
• Areas with high insect population – Target known trouble spots.
• In warmer areas – Just like most summer-loving people, flying insects generally enjoy warmer temperatures. Place traps in spaces that have temperatures around 27-28°C to eradicate the insects.


Installation Guide

When installing a flying insect light trap, you should avoid the following
• Too close to other light sources – Other light sources may compete with the trap and make the light trap ineffective
• Excess traffic – Avoid placing a trap in a high-traffic area where it could be damaged.
• Away from food areas – You don’t want dead insects falling into food, onto food preparation surfaces or the like!

Why We Recommend Vectothor

The Vectothor range of flying insect light traps are discreet in appearance and design and are The Pest Guys’
top solution for your commercial pest control needs.

VECTOTHOR Flying Insect Killer Light Traps the premium choice for HACCP food management programs, the hospitality industry, hospitals, indeed for anyone who wants peak performance in their flying insect management program.

The Vectothor range has:
• Natural Contrast grids to replicate the way sunlight shines through trees.
• A temperature trap targeted to the ideal temperature for most flying insects.
• The glue boards used within the light traps are in full compliance with HACCP Food Industry Guidelines
• Sunlight Technology Natural UV-A Sunlight Technology – a technology that uses high frequency electronic light pulses to attract insects
• Insect counting software makes fly counts a breeze for your HACCP reporting

By preparing your commercial space now with flying insect light traps, you can be sure your staff, customers, visitors and guests will have a memorable experience with your business for all the right reasons.

Contact the Pest Guys today to find out how we can help you with your commercial pest control in Perth.