Environmental Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Being a pest controller in Western Australia comes with a whole bunch of important regulations and requirements, like any other licensed profession. At the bare minimum, pest controllers must complete a TAFE course before they can apply to be registered with the Department of Health. Provided they pass the TAFE course, and have their application accepted, trainee pest controllers then need to work under the personal supervision of an experienced professional for at least one month.

Here at The Pest Guys, we pride ourselves on taking our standards to a higher level. We are determined to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control methods whenever and wherever we can. And we do a pretty good job of it! As far as Perth pest controllers go, we are leading the field in family friendly and environmentally conscious creepy crawly control.

Why Health Department licensing matters

Being recognised by the Health Department is more than a rubber stamp – it means we continually meet the high standards demanded by Perth families. Every day we handle a huge variety of pesticides. They might be sprays, powders, baits, or liquid concentrates, and each type of pesticide carries its own level of risk. We have to know exactly what we’re doing and confident in our safe handling skills.

To operate as a licensed pest control technician under the eyes of the Health Department, The Pest Guys need to constantly demonstrate we are exceeding the standards set by the Health (Pesticides) Regulations 1956, pursuant to the Health Act 1911. Our commitment to safety also complies with State OHS Regulations 1996 and the Code of Practice for the Use of Pesticides in Non-Agricultural Workplaces. That might all sound like a whole lot of red tape, but there’s a very good reason we hold ourselves to such high standards.

Keeping your family safe

We want to ensure you and your family are safe from harmful toxins where we work, so that you can enjoy a pest free home without worrying about chemicals in the air. Every Perth pest controller meets the standards we mentioned above. The Pest Guys difference is in our commitment to a greener standard. Our customers want a more environmentally conscious approach to pest control, and we agree – but you won’t pay through the nose for cleaner air.

Environmentally friendly

We are constantly looking at the most environmentally friendly pest control products on the market. For us, anything we can do to put our customers at ease is worth doing. It also means our technicians are dealing with safer materials and we are raising the bar for other Perth pest controllers. When you have a pest problem you want to make sure your kids, pets, and garden are not going to be harmed while we deal with the infestation. No matter what type of critter invasion you are facing, trust The Pest Guys to deal with it safely by using the most environmentally friendly materials we can find. If you want to know more about our environmentally friendly pest control treatments, don’t hesitate to contact The Pest Guys.