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The Pest Guys attend to hundreds of Perth termite infestations every year. Some infestations are caught early by fastidious homeowners, some managed on an annual basis, but many are ignored, resulting in a mammoth damage bill for termite treatment costs. Often, the worst termite infestations are found at tenanted properties, where residents aren’t the owners and have either ignored the termite problem or been oblivious to the tell-tale signs of Perth termite damage (often undetected by the naked eye).

A recent termite assessment by one of our staff provided an example of an infestation that could’ve easily been avoided if the property owner had conducted an Annual Termite Inspection or secured one of our Termite Treatments for the property.

On arrival at the termite assessment, our staff member pulled into the driveway to the sight of two hardworking owners cleaning up the site, an overgrown yard and overhanging tree making it hard to navigate the driveway. Wriggling out the car, he was immediately confronted by a termite nest over 1.5m tall.

Our Pest Guys termite expert was asked inside to review the termite problem in the bathroom, but before stepping inside he had to ask, “well…before we do, how about looking at this treeTermite Treatment out front?” The customer was quick to respond “yes, yes, I’m trimming that one next – sorry about the battle to get out of your car!” To which our expert had to laugh, and pointed at the tree exclaiming “I think I’ve found the source of your termite problem!”

The customer was surprised he hadn’t noticed it previously, it had certainly been festering a while. Perth termites are fantastic at concealing their presence – most of our destructive specitermitecasestudy4es nest below ground in the base of the root crown of trees. Our customer went on to explain it was an investment property, there were merely cleaning up between tenants and only when inspecting the bathroom did they discover what looked like termites.  Upon further investigation, termites were found in the bathroom, with further termite damage discovered in the bedrooms, lounge, and closet door frames. No doubt a full investigation would unearth even more.



The Pest Guys alwatermitecasestudy5ys conduct a site assessment prior to commencing Perth termite

treatments; homes can be constructed differently and understanding a home’s infrastructure is integral to selecting the correct method of termite treatment.  During the external access assessment into this subfloor, our consultant noticed large sheds to the rear and upon enquiring what was inside, the enormity of the termite infestation was revealed.

A dormant shedTermite Treatment had proven the perfect playground for this termite colony to expand considerably, chewing on the house and enjoying the quiet, dark conditions of the man cave. Damage was significant and the termite workings were everywhere. The customer scratched his head and said, “I really must check on these properties more often,” before agreeing to our Termite Treatment Plan. This included a full inspection of property – including access to the subfloor to ensure all areas of damage were reported on – followed by the application of Termidor Foam (a non-repellent product) to the main activity hub in the shed. This was done by drilling termitecasestudy7and injecting Termidor liquid directly into the termite nest at the front of the property.

This ensured the colony was treated directly, and indirectly, through a product that transfers from termite to termite, eventually getting back to the colony and ensuring death. We then treated all subfloor areas of the home along and the concrete wet area (bathroom) with Termidor to form a thorough and continuous treatment zone to protect the house from future attack.

Whilst this customer was very lucky the termites hadn’t significantly damaged the home’s structural timber, we discovered signs of termite activity in the roof, albeit in the early stages. Had the owners waited a few months longer to clean the place up, they’d have faced a much bigger damage bill. Lesson learnt – don’t gamble with Perth termites and your investments!

You’re unlikely to receive the same attention to your investment property as your own residence. An annual inspection – getting a tradesman into your roof and under your home to check for termites and conditions conducive to an attack, e.g. leaking pipes or moisture issues – doesn’t sound like such a bad idea when you think about it! Termites are more likely to cause damage to your home than fire, floor, or storm damage. They spend their lives trying to hide from us, and normal household insurance won’t cover damage of the cost of a treatment.

The Pest Guys have a little saying when it comes to Perth termites, “peace of mind comes from termite treatment, not just inspections.”

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Termite Treatment