Australia’s Dangerous Spiders

Spider Extermination

In Australia, we’re home to some of the world’s most intimidating and threatening pests. From venomous snakes and reptiles to small yet dangerous spiders, understanding what’s lurking is key to preventing harm.

Whether life-threatening or extremely painful, bites from all of the following spiders deserve quick attention and care. If you suspect an infestation of spiders on your property, contact a pest management team fast to minimise your risk of a painful and unfortunate bite.



Redback Spider

red back spider

Notorious as one of the most dangerous and poisonous spiders in Australia, the redback spider has distinctive markings that make it easy to recognise. The most serious bites come from female spiders who act out when threatened. Unlike funnel web spiders, redbacks prefer sheltered and dry places. Many people find redback spiders lurking around garden sheds, crevices and even in mailboxes.

White Tail Spider

White Tailed Spider

Known as hunters, white tail spiders also cause significant damage to humans. Active at night and preferring cool and moist locations, you’ll often see white tails in garden mulch and in urban areas providing ideal conditions. Dark red or grey in colour, white tails have dark orange banded legs to set them apart from other spiders.

Black House Spider

Black House Spider

Preferring dry areas, black house spiders are significantly less threatening in comparison to redbacks and white tails. Feeding on mosquitoes, moths and other insects, black house spiders are drawn to electric lights as their prey lurks close by. You’ll often spot black house spiders in gutters, sheds and window frames awaiting prey.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Intimidating in size and appearance, the wolf spider is luckily one of the shyest species. Hiding in burrows and preferring to stay close to the ground, wolf spiders often find shelter and burrow in garden areas, mulch or piles of leaves.

Mouse Spider

Mouse Spider


Often mistaken for the funnel web spider, the mouse spider features fang sheaths at the front of the head area. Hiding in burrows and close to waterways, they’re most active during the daytime – a rare trait for a spider.

Get Professional Advice on Spider and Pest Management

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