Creepy Crawlies in the Office

dangers of bugs in your office

Just like insects can find their way into our homes and cars, it’s not unusual for certain insects and creepy crawlies to thrive in our office spaces and workplaces.

No one wants a cockroach interrupting their lunch break, or a mouse clambering over their foot while they’re sitting at their desk, but what if we told you that some of your office pests can also hitch a ride home with you?

At The Pest Guys, we know first hand how pesky and destructive office pests can be – and while we can’t help you get rid of your pesky workmates, we can definitely help with the creepy crawly kind – so here are some of our tips to keep your office pest free.

The Worst Culprits


There’s something about cockroaches that makes everyone a little bit squeamish. Cockroaches are notorious for spreading diseases such as salmonella, as they freely move between buildings, garbage, sewers and drains.

German cockroaches are the species most people would be familiar with; these roaches are particularly difficult to get under control, with females giving birth to up to 20,000 babies per year!



Nibbled foods or rodent faeces might be the first sign of a problem, but nothing will make you squeal and jump like a mouse or rat running out from the work kitchen or from under your desk.

Like cockroaches, rats and mice are fast-paced breeders – baby mice can breed when they are just 50 days old! When they’re in your office, these pests not only cause significant damage to files and electrical wires, but one single mouse dropping has the potential to carry 100,000 salmonella cells!



While their name suggests these pests may just dwell in our bedrooms, bed bugs aren’t actually an unusual pest in the office. Bed bugs differ from cockroaches and rodents, as their presence in your office isn’t related to hygiene or cleanliness; rather than eating the scraps in the bin or taking advantage of the crumbs in the kitchen, bed bugs feed on human blood!

These pests are hitchhikers and will find a way from employee’s homes, on their belongings, to the office and vice versa, which is partly what makes them so hard to control. If staff are dealing with small bites from bed bugs, a call to The Pest Guys for a bed bug treatment should be your first call.


Dealing With an Outbreak

If you come across a sign of pests in your office, it is important to deal with them ASAP.


Step 1: Identify the problem areas – Find out what is causing your problem; is it easy access to food, or uncovered holes in the wall that are letting pests right in? Move furniture around to look for any signs of nests and inspect any potential entry points.


Step 2: Eliminate clutter – Having a cluttered desk or workstation will not only attract pests to your desk, but it will also provide them with hiding spaces.


Step 3: Educate the staff – Your employees desk-eating habits could be attracting pests, so educating them to keep food in sealed containers, throwing food waste in kitchen bins rather than desk bins and cleaning up any spills or crumbs is important to avoiding uninvited pests. And as bed bugs aren’t the typical pest you would expect in an office, educating staff about how they get into the office and how they can hitchhike is important to controlling them.


Step 4: Call in the professionals – While you may be tempted to use store-bought pesticides to control your problems, it is imperative to get professionals like The Pest Guys in to undertake any office pest control, including rodent control and bed bug treatments.


Keep your staff safe at work, contact the professionals in pest management in Perth – The Pest Guys – for all your pest control needs!