Commercial Services: School and Aged Care Facilities

Non Toxic Pest Control for School and Aged Care Homes

Schools and aged care facilities require a professional touch when it comes to pest control. Dealing with infestations in an environment where healthcare is of the utmost importance for the young and old alike means it’s crucial to employ non-toxic pest control methods, with services scheduled for minimal disruption.

We understand the sensitivities in pest prevention for education and care facilities. The Pest Guys go further than simply adhering to Australian Standards; we strive to exceed client and community expectations because it means a healthy, safe facility.

When is the right time for pest control?

It isn’t always possible to predict when commercial pest control services are needed. We are on hand when urgent or dangerous pest infestations occur, providing rapid response times and after-hours pest control for your convenience.

However, for some pests, prevention is the best cure as the saying goes. This means scheduling regular pest inspections and safeguarding work to keep the facility safe and healthy for as long as possible.

Schools and education facilities

To avoid disrupting the busy school year The Pest Guys always recommend scheduling regular pest inspections and preventative maintenance during the school holidays. Often, we’ll need to get into the roof space or use materials that, although non-toxic, we would prefer kids stay away from.

Rodent reduction, weed management, spider control, and bee and wasp removal can take place at any time of year. Pests don’t necessarily come and go with the seasons once they get comfortable. Of course, any Perth resident will know certain pests flourish at different times of the year like ants and flies in summer, mosquitos in the humid months, and rodents seeking warmth in the roof during winter.

When designing a pest management service schedule for schools we look to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority Guidance on Pesticide Management in Schools for advice.

Aged Care facilities

Unlike schools, care facilities don’t have regularly scheduled quiet periods. For this reason, we build a relationship with all our clients to establish a schedule that works for everyone. That can mean carrying out pest control services on weekends or when day trips take residents away from the facility.

Our fully trained staff ensure residents, staff and visitors are kept safe with non-invasive methods and professional pest control applications.

Professionalism with a personal touch

Our staff are fully insured and equipped with the latest technology and training. That means from the second we set foot on your property we are committed to safely and completely eradicating pests, with the health of your residents and students front of mind.

The Pest Guys service schools and education facilities all around Perth, providing tailored, budget conscious services that go over and above our competitors. We take the time to understand your goals and really get to know the facility before creating a bespoke pest management solution. No two pests are alike, so our commercial pest control services are individually designed to meet the needs of our unique clients.

For advice on the best control methods and a tailored, no-obligation quote provided after a free pest appraisal, get in touch with The Pest Guys.