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commercial pest control for restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues

Every hospitality venue has a responsibility to uphold health standards for their employees and patrons. There are so many opportunities for issues to arise in busy restaurants, hotels and cafés. Health inspectors will pounce on any venue that fails to meet Australian Standards.

The Pest Guys take one of the biggest stresses away with commercial pest control methods tailored to the Perth hospitality industry. Our experienced pest controllers know all the signs for the most common infestations, and the creepy crawlies you might not expect.

We take care of any pest invasion and make sure they don’t come back, using non-disruptive methods and substances that are completely safe for humans.

Who needs commercial pest control services?

Under Australian Standards, any venue serving food and drink must meet strict health standards including taking all measures to keep the venue free from pests. More than this though, patrons expect to enjoy their time out at cafés, hotels, bakeries and bars from the smallest hole-in-the-wall to the largest 5-star venue, without encountering creepy crawlies and rodents.

Australian FoodSafe Standards are monitored and upheld by local councils. Venues which fall short of the hygiene standards risk heavy fines and potential forced closure. Not only will this cost the venue a devastating amount of money, it will also kill the reputation once word gets out.

In our experience, pests don’t like interacting with humans. They will do everything they can to stay hidden which means venues might not even know they have an infestation until it’s too late.

Regular pest inspections will avoid either of these situations from impacting a business, by protecting the venue from an invasion before it occurs and dealing with any pests swiftly and safely.

The most common hospitality pests

Anyone who has worked in a bar can tell you about bar flies – they tend to sit at the end of the bar and complain about the price of beer. Actual bar flies (or fruit flies) do pose a health risk in hospitality venues, as do ants, cockroaches, rodents, birds, and bed bugs.

The Pest Guys have years of experience abolishing ant infestations, controlling cockroaches, banishing birds, eradicating rodents and protecting people. Without using any harmful chemicals or disruptive methods, we will provide the most comprehensive commercial pest control services in Perth.

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Full service that doesn’t break the bank

We have been around long enough to understand the budget pressures faced by hospitality venues all over Perth. That’s why we tailor our commercial pest control services to the budgets and schedules of every venue we work with. We offer personalised service with rapid response times for pest invasions, and scheduling pest inspections when it suits you.

We truly value integrity in the relationships we build with clients, unlike other pest controllers who will try to make you work around them. Maintaining regular pest management services is an important part of managing any hospitality venue. The Pest Guys strive to exceed client expectations with tailored, cost effective solutions that work for you.

For a free pest appraisal and advice on environmentally conscious, non-disruptive commercial pest control, call The Pest Guys today.