Commercial Pest Control Services: Strata Management

Pest Control for Strata Managed Buildings

Strata management is like being a professional juggler. There are so many things to keep an eye on all at once, and your residents will call you straight away if you drop a single ball.

The Pest Guys are here to take one of those ‘balls in the air’ away by looking after your commercial pest control services and building inspections; injecting service, integrity, and value in to pest management. From regular pest inspections, to Perth’s most conscientious fumigation and on-call pest control, you can rely on The Pest Guys to take at least one of your worries away.

What we do

Building and Pest Inspections

Whether you have a niggling thought your building might be infested, or you want to keep up with regular pest inspection to keep tenants happy, our professional pest inspection services will catch any creepy crawlies causing trouble.

All Pests

The Pest Guys are trained and experienced to deal with pest invasions of all kinds. The most common commercial pest management services we provide are termite treatments, emergency bee and wasp removal, and rodent work. From millipedes, silverfish, fleas, white ants and spiders to birds, mice, and every creepy crawly in between, we are Perth’s eco friendly pest control specialists in all circumstances.

For more information of how to identify your pest, refer to this handy guide.

Rapid response times

Pests don’t just work 9 to 5, so neither do we! When you need pest management, it’s unlikely the problem can wait until next week. The Pest Guys come to you all over Perth, including after hours and on weekends, and unlike other pest controllers we always meet our time commitments.

Treatment Coordination

Let us take the hassle out of scheduling work by coordinating the activity, keeping the property manager and tenants in the loop. We can take charge of scheduling to ensure a full, successful treatment across multiple tenancies.


We understand fumigation can be disruptive, but you can trust The Pest Guys to fumigate with the most ecologically conscious and efficient methods in Perth. Our full-service fumigation uses no dangerous toxins or harmful chemicals.

High Standards Across the Board

When it comes to termite management, The Pest Guys uphold and exceed Australian Standards in every way. Standards for other treatments are usually set by pest control companies or strata management – this is where The Pest Guys shine among Perth pest controllers.

All pesticide application is carried out to meet Australian Standards and The Pest Guys use the most environmentally sound treatment methods and pesticides available on the market. Everything we do is to ensure efficient, total pest management that keeps property managers and tenants comfortable, and building structures free from infestation.

For a free pest appraisal or a no-obligation quote on Perth’s best commercial pest control, get in touch with The Pest Guys. You will rest easy knowing your property is free from creepy crawlies, without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins – and all at a competitive price!