What to do if you have cockroaches

Cockroach Control

As the WA weather warms up, houses all over Perth are under threat from a cockroach invasion. These creepy crawlies are familiar to anyone lucky enough to enjoy a Perth summer, but their presence in your home should not have to be tolerated.

German cockroaches are a big problem here in Western Australia. They’re attracted to warmth and humidity, so it’s understandable they prefer our temperate climate and flourish in summer.

Here are some things to look out for if you suspect you’re on the brink of a cockie invasion:

  • Cockroaches often shed their skin in areas of the home where they’ve been residing (usually around food)
  • They’re very attracted to food, so you’re more likely to see signs of them around food scraps or rubbish bins
  • German cockroaches love areas of warmth and moisture, so check under sinks, in and around cooking appliances, and in that cosy laundry room.
  • They can’t fly but they are good climbers, so check in high up places such as storage areas or the roof
  • Cockroach droppings are black and whilst only small, a clear sign of a bigger roach problem

How to control cockroaches

The first line of defence against German cockroaches in Perth is to keep a clean and tidy home. Eliminate their food source by regularly cleaning up scraps and emptying the bins. In warmer months, be sure to regularly vacuum and mop floors, and seal any window or floor cracks (no matter how small) to dissuade these persistent pests.

If you do spot signs of a cockroach invasion, there’s not much you can do to effectively remove them. Whilst there’s a world of DIY methods that claim to solve your cockroach problem, the trust is only professional pest controllers can wipe out the population and create defences to stop them returning. Perth families under attack should seek help from The Pest Guys without further ado!

Other cockroach invaders

German cockroaches aren’t the only pest problem faced by Perth families. There are at least three other species which make a cameo appearance in our homes during summer:

  • American cockroaches have evolved to adapt to different climates. They can fly, love the light, and they’re attracted to both damp and dry areas. Less prolific than their German cousins, but hard to eliminate nonetheless.
  • Native Australian Black cockroaches are wingless and small, mainly found outside so they won’t give you quite as much grief but it’s important to keep an eye out
  • Brown Banded cockroaches are adapted to survive in dry climates. When faced with fight or flight mode then can take off but are usually found on solid ground


If you think you’ve spotted signs of German cockroaches, or any other variety, invading your home then it’s time to act. Cockroach populations spread fast and can take over your house in a matter of weeks. By the time you catch them scuttling across your floor, you’re overdue for a visit from professional pest controllers.

Call The Pest Guys now to get a pre-Christmas treatment or safely eliminate an existing problem, and protect your family from these nasty creepy crawlies.