Bugs That Don’t Belong

Cockroach Infestation

Much like globalisation has led to the integration of people and products across the world, it has also allowed bugs to be spread across continents. As Perth’s leading exterminator, we’ve experienced first-hand how the introduction of invasive species can impact Australia’s ecosystem.

The Harmful Effects of Invasive Bugs

Once an invasive species sets up shop they can be difficult to eradicate. In Australia, there is a prevalence of international bees, some of which have been around for almost 200 years. These include European Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, and Asian Honey Bees. Some of these bees play an essential role in the pollination of plants and the environment, while others, particularly the Asian Honey Bee can have negative ramifications as they create extra competition for natural floral resources and nesting sites and don’t provide adequate pollination.

This competition for limited natural resources is a common issue with invasive bugs, as they can take away food sources from native bugs and even have negative effects on the ecosystem. On top of this, they can be costly to Australia’s economy, due to extermination costs and the loss of environmental resources.

How German Cockroaches Have Been an Issue in WA

There are a number of pests in Perth that are difficult to get under control, but the German Cockroach is a particularly troublesome species to Perth’s ecosystem.

A German Cockroach is a small cockroach approx. 1.5cm long, originally from Africa. They are prevalent across Australia and are usually found in large groups. A pregnant female can birth up to 20,000 babies per year, which is a real problem, especially as they need to be indoors to survive and tend to like kitchens. They can go long periods of time without food, but when they eat they’re drawn to starchy foods like cereal and potatoes.

If you have a German Cockroach infestation, you will need to seek the services of a Perth pest control company, like The Pest Guys. We will introduce a baiting formulation in your home, which is harmless to you and your family, but deadly to the cockroaches.

The Millipede Invasion

Another troublesome species that has been introduced to Australia is the Portuguese Millipede. Originally from south west Europe, Portuguese Millipedes accidentally found their way to Australia in the late ’80s and have very few natural predators, so their numbers can quickly get out of control.

The Millipedes are usually found in leafy garden areas and can grow to approximately 20-50mm long and have a smooth cylindrical body. When they invade your home and garden during spring and autumn, particularly in March in Western Australia, they can number in the thousands and be a real pain. To get rid of these pests, we will apply a residual repellent spray to all external walls and outward two to three metres, which will knock them down before they enter your home. This is just one form of pest control, if this doesn’t work, we will apply every method of repellent possible until we receive results.

The Pest Guys is a pest management business in Perth, and we can assist with any invasive species that are taking over your property. To reclaim your home, give us a call today!