How to Budget for Pest Control


Budgeting For Your Regular Pest Control Inspections


With pest control, we know that the best defence is a good offence! To make sure you can minimise the risk of any nasty pest surprises, it’s recommended that you keep up with your yearly pest management. As the pest management professionals in Perth, we have some top tips on how best to allocate your annual pest control budget to avoid any shocking bills or costly surprises.


Pest Control for Residential Property Owners


For homeowners, your money should be budgeted for annual inspections. Your annual pest inspection here in Perth will investigate and identify any structural pests, e.g. rats and termites, as well as aesthetic pests, such as spiders.


Winter and spring are great seasons to consider booking your annual pest inspection. Over the colder months, pests such as rats like to find warmth and comfort – particularly by making nests in ceiling and wall cavities.


If your someone who can’t stand pests or likes to keep the home pest free all year round, check out our two packages on our residential page. The Pest Off series of packages represent great value when you consider you receive three trips per year from your dedicated Pest Guy with a year-round warranty should you have any problems.


Prospective Property Owners


You’re looking at a new home; it looks great on the outside and ticks all the boxes. Your finance gets approved and you move in, only to find out down the track that the pre-purchase pest inspection you thought had been carried out by the sellers didn’t happen! The Pest Guys hear this all too often, usually when an exterminator needs to fix a problem that could’ve been avoided earlier!


A pre-purchase inspection, available through The Pest Guys, is an investment all potential homeowners should make. These inspections cost between $250-350, and include checks for the presence of termites, timber decay and environmental factors that could result in pest problems.


Another worthwhile investment is to consider your report recommendations for ongoing protection. The ongoing protection of your property will generally involve treatments in the $1500 – $2500 range. It is important to consider budgeting for this kind of protection before you move in, new property owners may not have excess funds to allocate to additional protection once they’ve moved in.


Commercial Property’s


Much like our previous advice for residential property owners, any commercial property owners should invest in half-yearly or annual pest inspections. Under many commercial leases, tenants or Lessors may be required to present the building pest free when you vacate the premises, which means keeping on top of your pest control year-round while you are a tenant.

These inspections are perfect for office buildings, food preparation facilities, factories and industrial facilities, retail spaces and entertainment precincts. If you think your business or commercial property is due for commercial pest control, one of our technicians will be glad to discuss some options with you.


Although we have a team of exterminators in Perth who can help you when your pest problem is out of control, the team at The Pest Guys want to help you to be proactive in planning your Perth pest control for the year ahead.

Contact our professional and knowledgeable team at The Pest Guys to check and defend your house, prospective house or commercial property from pests today!