Broadleaf Weed Control Using Herbicides

Environmental Pest Control

Protect your lawn from invasive and competitive broadleaf weeds with help from the professionals at The Pest Guys in Perth. Specialising in environmental pest control, we provide expert services to eliminate broadleaf weeds and protect your turf year-round.  

Broadleaf weeds are aggressive and competitive plants that take advantage of weak areas in your lawn. They wreak havoc on your grass by sucking up growing space, water, nutrients and sunlight from surrounding turf. Easily identifiable in your lawn, broadleaf weeds stand out as bulky and coarse plants that disrupt the flow of your turf. Broadleaf weeds are generally more active over the winter but can sometimes pop up on your lawn year-round.  

When it comes to getting rid of broadleaf weeds, the right pre or post-emergent herbicides should be used. That’s where The Pest Guys come in. We’re able to select the right type of herbicide to suit your circumstances and to rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds effectively. With extensive experience eliminating broadleaf weeds, we use herbicides with key active ingredients to gain control.

The Basics of Herbicides

Herbicides are chemicals that kill or change the normal growth of weeds. Available as a liquid, a granular or with a fertiliser, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied before weeds germinate to protect turf from infestation. Post-emergent herbicides are generally foliar, applied directly to leaves or petals after weeds have begun to emerge from the soil.  

In addition to pre and post emergent herbicides, they can also be selective or nonselective. Selective herbicides target particular weeds without damaging turf or plants while nonselective herbicides work to kill all plants. We generally recommend using nonselective herbicides only for weeds that are excessively invading your lawn but stress that careful application is critical to avoiding damage to your turf.

The Importance of Timing

When it comes to applying herbicides, timing is everything. Pre-emergent herbicides require an understanding of weed germination, including when and at what temperature weeds begin to grow. By monitoring soil temperatures on site, you can predict weed emergence to effectively apply your herbicides.

As experienced environmental pest control professionals, The Pest Guys have an in-depth understanding of broadleaf weed growth cycles and germination stages. This allows us to effectively spray your lawn with the right pre-emergent herbicide, eliminating broadleaf weeds before they emerge.

Spraying Too Early

Applying a broadleaf weed pre-emergent herbicide before winter arrives helps your lawn stay protected throughout the season. We recommend two sprays annually to give your lawn a defence against broadleaf weeds when they’re most likely to germinate. At The Pest Guys, we provide expert advice on pre-emergent herbicide timing to help you protect your turf from invasive broadleaf weeds.

Spraying Too Late 

If you wait until spring to clear out your weeds, you may find that your lawn is already suffering severely. Many weeds begin to germinate and emerge throughout winter, making it much harder to eliminate them throughout the spring without harming your existing turf. While spring may be too late for pre-emergent herbicides, our post-emergent herbicide services can effectively target pesky weeds while protecting your lawn.  

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