Banish Bugs This Silly Season

Pest Treatment

As the weather heats up, Perth’s nastiest pests emerge to make an appearance in large numbers. An insect invasion or cockroach crowd can really ruin the Christmas season. Let’s face it, you have better things to do than fight off a horde of pests!

Now is the perfect time to consider a residential ‘Pest Off’ package for year-round pest protection, and in the meantime, we’ve put together our top tips for keeping the bugs at bay:

Red Backs, White Tails, Black House, and the occasional Black Widow like to hide in the cool dark corners of Perth homes and garages. The most effective action you can take is to regularly check these areas and tell children to stay far away from any spiders they see (and report them to an adult, of course).

There are numerous unproven home remedies you’ll come across, all claiming to keep the arachnids at bay. Using white vinegar or misting your home with peppermint oil are often cited, but by far the most effective prevention is to remove or repair the things that encourage spiders to make a home for themselves:
• Remove any vegetation or plants from the perimeter of your home
• Seal up cracks in the floor or windows, regardless of how small they appear
• Remove clutter where spiders can get comfortable – rubbish bags, recycling etc.
• Keep a tidy house and vacuum often.

If you’ve experienced a West Australian summer, you know that cockroaches flourish in the warm weather. Their numbers increase and these creepy crawlies can grow BIG – so how do you protect your home from one of Perth’s most prominent pesky invaders?

As with spiders, the best prevention is to keep your house clean and free of food crumbs (easily overlooked when you’re putting off chores). That means not leaving cooking scraps lying around and regularly vacuuming all floors. Cockroaches love hiding under fridges and cupboards, snacking on leftovers, and basking in the moisture from any leaks.

• Seal up water leaks, and any cracks in the walls or floors
• Consistently clean up any crumbs and food scraps
• Vacuum and mop the floor regularly
• Empty the rubbish bins regularly
• Lay cockroach baits (out of reach of children and pets), under fridges, sinks, and pantries

Summer in Perth is famous for one thing: flies, flies, flies! They’re one of our most common complaints from locals and visitors alike during the warmer months. Bothersome flies buzzing around your Christmas BBQ and landing on the food can certainly dampen the festive entertaining.

To nip the annoyance in the bud you’ll need to identify and remove the breeding source, then repel them with the following at-home remedies:

• Clean away rotting vegetation that might be festering in your back yard (e.g. food scraps) and get rid of decaying grass and compost heaps before Christmas.
• Opt for a natural remedy, such as pinning old cloves in a lemon, citronella, a sugar water trap, or DIY fly paper
• Always keep food covered, especially outdoors. Simple, but it makes all the difference

Pests can the most annoying guests of all during the silly season. Maybe even more so than your in-laws. But pests, like spiders, flies, and cockroaches, don’t even think to bring limp salads and second hand gifts. Keeping creepy crawlies at bay can be tricky, so call The Pest Guys for Perth’s most effective pre-Christmas pest treatment package.