Ant Infestations: Causes and Treatments

Ant Infestations

When an ant army invades your home, you need to act quickly to make sure the colony is controlled and the infestation doesn’t come back. There are a few common species of ant found all over Perth; Argentine ants, Black ants, Coastal Brown ants, and Bull ants.

Identifying the species is the first step to dealing with an infestation. While most ants behave more-or-less the same way, there are subtle differences which experts employ to ensure the most troublesome species can’t return. Targeted ant treatments ensure any colony is dealt with in a fast, effective, and safe way.

What causes ant infestations
Ants enter your house looking for food or shelter (or both). They get in through cracks and small openings then begin to forage for sweet and oily foods. Once inside, ants leave a pheromone trail for the rest of the colony to follow and pretty soon your pantry is overrun with six-legged invaders. This means you have to waste a whole lot of food while you constantly worry if you are going to be visited again.

How to treat an ant infestation
The easiest way to find the ant colony is to follow the pheromone trail back outside to where it starts. Find where they are living and you’re already on your way to getting rid of your ant infestation. Ant pest control in Perth requires a professional to do the job properly because of the way ants establish colonies underground and out of reach.

However, there are some recommended at-home methods to control populations and deter them while you call The Pest Guys for help. Find and seal any cracks or small openings in the floor and walls so the ant approach has no way inside. Once you find the entry point, give it a thorough clean with detergent to remove the pheromone trail, putting ants off the scent (literally!) You can find off-the-shelf ant baits and insecticides at any supermarket but we recommend leaving these chemical treatment methods to a professional pest controller to avoid any harm to kids or animals.

Targeting the species
The Pest Guys are expert ant trackers, in-fact, we pride ourselves on being so. We will identify the species invading your home and target our treatment methods to meet the advancement head-on. Our solution for eliminating and controlling your ant problem is to take a multi-faceted approach, using a mixture of non-repellent and repellent residual insecticides (depending on the area of application). These are used alongside our species-targeting ant baits, which are used in both granular and gel-based formulations, and can wipe out entire colonies of ants attacking your property.

Not only will we wipe out the population but our residual repellent ant treatments applied around your home mean the ants will think twice before trying to return. If you think you are facing an ant infestation don’t wait to contact The Pest Guys to book in a treatment. It’s the only way to get rid of ants and stop them coming back.