A 101 Guide to our Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Pests come in many shapes and sizes but have one thing in common: they’re all a nuisance, and some of them can even be health hazards. We have learned a lot from years of experience eradicating pests in homes, offices, and industrial facilities across Perth.

Getting rid of pests safely and effectively needs a professional with the right equipment. The following is a starter guide to the types of pests that we can help you with.



Exterminating an ant colony starts with identifying the species – in Perth we have a handful of common varieties like Argentine Ants, Black House Ants, White-Footed Ants, and Bull Ants. The Pest Guys are experts at identifying the ant variety and targeting our extermination for maximum effect.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs cause painful bites and stubborn infestations in Perth bedrooms. We focus on prevention as well as safe and total eradication, avoiding harmful chemicals and working to educate our clients so bed bugs do not return.

Bee Control

If bees start to swarm or invasive European Honey Bees present an allergy risk, your safety comes first and we will work quickly to remove or control the hive. However, bees play an active role in WA’s biodiversity so when bee hives present minimal risk to humans The Pest Guys recommend contacting an apiarist.

Bird Control

Feral birds making a nest in your home or workplace are more than just a nuisance. Droppings present a hygiene risk and Perth Pigeons are known to carry diseases. We are highly experienced dealing with Perth’s avian pests and take all reasonable steps to deal with them humanely.


When cockroaches start to breed and nest then it’s time to call the experts. We offer professional long term solutions to not only remove Cockroach infestations but ensure they don’t come back.


The Pest Guys flea treatment starts with an initial assessment and barrier spray, then hones in on the problem using Insect Growth Regulators to break the flea’s life cycle and stop them coming back. We keep you and your pets safe and flea free.


Millipedes will often appear in gardens or leaf waste, with populations growing to plague proportions in some Perth suburbs. Our millipede treatment includes a barrier spray around your home, a knockdown product through leafy areas and repellent dust on the roof for the total solution.

Rats and Mice

In homes, factories, offices, warehouses, and industrial facilities around Perth it is vital to control the rodent population. Rats and mice can cause health issues so The Pest Guys use a combination of physical and chemical control methods to wipe out the population and keep you safe.


Given their ability to harbour in every dark corner of a building, silverfish populations require a professional to seek out and control the population. We use a targeted combination of surface sprays, space sprays, and dustings to ensure results.


It goes without saying that spiders pose a serious risk in any home or workplace. Common varieties in Perth like red back, white tail, and black widow can cause painful – even deadly – bites. The Pest Guys are experienced spider fighters, usually employing synthetic parathyroid which knock out spider populations but are safe for humans.


Infestations can be difficult to detect because termites work from the inside of your home out, causing serious structural damage in the name of food. At the first sign of a termite infestation call Perth’s experts in termite control to protect your home by removing the infestation and preventing repeat visits


Perth’s most common variety, the paper wasp, cause painful stings and are highly territorial. Safely removing wasp nests requires a highly trained expert and should never be attempted otherwise. The Pest Guys offer same day service to remove nests and safety check your home.