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Pest Control Services

The Pest Guys was established in July 2011 by Lindsay Hollingsworth, after a long career managing one of WA’s largest pest management companies. Today we are an experienced pest control company that Perth residents and property owners rely on for all their Perth pest control needs.

We know what a nuisance pests are and will first perform a full assessment of your property and come up with a practical plan for eliminating your current pests. We will thenput a plan in place to preventfuture problems.

With a growing list of clients, we see ourselves developing into a medium size business without compromising on the exceptional, personal service we provide.

Our staff members are all experienced and knowledgeable and strive towards providing all our clients with afavourable outcome. Our prices are affordable and our solutions are practical, taking all your needs into account. We believe in making your home as pleasant as possible and a safe, happy and healthy environment for you and your family.

Many companies believe a chemical or toxic solution is the catchall solution to pest control. We deliver a more focussed approach, first assessing the problem and then relying as little as possible on using potentially harmful substances as a solution. We also believe that prevention is better than cure, and that putting effective systems in place today, can save you expense and hassle later on.

Most people prefer a greener approachto pest control and we place a large focus on promoting safety and wellbeing in the workplace for our customer’s employees, patrons and the general public.

In meeting these obligations,we comply with State Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 1996 and ensure compliance with the Code of Practice for the Use of Pesticides in Non-Agricultural workplaces.We also endeavour to use the most environmentally sound treatment methods and pesticides available on the marketand are constantly appraising new products as they become available to the industry.

All applicationsof pesticides are carried out in accordance with appropriate codes of practiceand strict Australian Standards.

Contact us for a thorough assessment of your property.