Termites are a serious pest in Perth and Australia, causing damage that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to repair every year. Worryingly termite damage is not covered by your home insurance, and infestations can be difficult to detect before it is too late.

Although Termites play a vital role in nature by recycling dead and decaying wood, they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the structural timber in your home. Worker termites tunnel 50- 100 metres or more from the nest in search of food, they are attracted to the very things we place our around our homes moisture and mulch. If they come across your home’s foundations whilst they are foraging they will follow any cracks or crevices to access the structure and seek out a timber food source.

The Pest Guys can help you protect your most valuable asset.  We are highly experienced in providing termite treatments in Perth region, and can advise you on the best method of termite elimination and protection for your home.


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