Although we have over 500 species of spiders in Australia, in Perth there are several main species of spiders that cause the majority of our problems. Whether it is a residential dwelling or a commercial premise, Perth spiders can be both annoying and deadly depending on the species that you come in contact with. Identification of your spiders can help when booking a spider treatment as approaches may vary dependant on the type of spiders you are experiencing problems with. Typically The Pest Guys would group the spiders into two broad categories “Webbing” and “Non Webbing Spiders”, treatment for each can be quite different please ask our staff when booking your service. The Pest Guys spider treatments are generally carried out utilising synthetic pyrethroids which enable us to instantly knock down spider numbers, and provide you with a long residual protection zone around your buildings. Whilst being lethal to spiders our treatments are safe once given time to dry so you can be assured of your family’s safety during and after treatments. Perth Spider control is best achieved by having a professional spider treatment conducted by a licensed pest manager, whilst the myriad of DIY treatments available in the retail market may offer short term control, a thorough treatment with appropriate products, applied with the right equipment can ensure your families safety for all of summer. If we were going to nominate our top three spider control targets in WA then they would be as follows:

Red Back Spider
spider infestation

One of Perth’s most dangerous, and frequently found spiders the female...

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White-Tailed Spider

The White Tailed Spider has an elongated, dark grey abdomen with a white...

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Black house Spider

Whilst relatively harmless this ugly dangerous looking spider tends to be...

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