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In Australia there are over 3000 known species of ants, however, only a few are considered urban pests that can affect your homes and workplaces. When ants do get in, they do so in large numbers and can be a major source of frustration. It’s also not that easy to get rid of them, that’s why you need to contact the specialists in ant pest control in Perth, The Pest Guys. With many years’ experience and the best equipment and techniques, we will not only rid your premises of all ants, we will find the source of your problem and provide a solution to prevent future ant infestations. Book a free assessment.

Finding the ant nests

Ants are social insects that live in permanent nests. Colony sizes vary enormously and are generally located outdoors. Nesting can result in soil being deposited on gardens, around pots and between tiles and brickwork, resulting in a mess but little damage. However, some species can form nests with large numbers of interconnecting chambers just below the soil surface, causing the soil to become soft and uneven. If you want to get rid of your ants inside and out, you need to talk to the professionals. Some ants build nests in walls and foundations, in indoor potted plants, and in small spaces between fittings and walls. In nearly all cases, the ants are using pre-existing spaces or taking advantage of existing deterioration. They generally do not cause structural damage to buildings, but a few species will occasionally attack electrical wiring and cause extensive damage. That’s why you need to implement ant control solutions before this happens.

In Perth there are a few common species that cause the most problems:

  • - Argentine Ant
  • - Black Ant (white footed house ant)
  • - Coastal Brown Ant
  • - Bull Ant
At The Pest Guys, we believe the secret to ant control in Perth relies on the accurate identification of the ants, along with knowledge of their foraging and nesting habits. Our operators are trained to the highest level to ensure treatments are tailored to solve your problem, not just treat the symptoms. When it comes to ant treatments in Perth, we will provide you with optimum solutions and effective results.

Multi-faceted approach to ant control

Our solution to eliminating and controlling your ant problem is to take a multi-faceted approach, using a mixture of non-repellent and repellent residual insecticides depending on the area of application. These are used alongside our species-targeting ant baits, which are used in both granular and gel-based formulations, and can wipe out entire colonies of ants attacking your property.

Don’t wait – take action now

If you are searching this site, then your ant problem has reached a point where it’s time to take action and employ a professional to get real results. Many Perth homeowners undertake ant treatment themselves with hardware remedies, which aren’t targeted or thorough enough to get the results you expect. Remember ants are like icebergs, what you see on the surface is only the tip of the problem.
Whether it’s for Coastal Brown ants, Argentine ant control or any other kind of ant problem, book your ant treatment now or contact our office on 08 6201 2013 to speak to an operator.

Argentine Ant

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Black house Ant

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White-footed Ant

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Coastal Brown Ant

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Pavement Ant

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Bull Ant

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