How to Budget for Pest Control

Budgeting For Your Regular Pest Control Inspections   With pest control, we know that the best defence is a good offence! To make sure you can minimise the risk of any nasty pest surprises, it’s recommended that you keep up with your yearly pest management. As the pest management professionals in Perth, we have some top tips on how best to allocate your annual pest control budget to avoid any shocking bills or costly surprises.   Pest Control for Residential Property Owners   For homeowners, your money should be budgeted for annual inspections. Your annual pest inspection here in Perth will investigate and identify any structural pests, e.g. rats and termites, as well as aesthetic pests, such as spiders. Winter and spring are great seasons to consider booking your annual pest inspection. Over the colder months, pests such as rats like to find warmth.. Read More

Flying Insect Light Traps for Commercial Pest Control

Flying Insect Light Traps for Commercial Pest Control With summer around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before people swarm to cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels with outdoor settings to enjoy the long, warm days. Keeping your commercial property pest-free can be a big task, but it’s a task that The Pest Guys can help you keep on top of with our range of Flying Insect Light Traps. As the professionals in commercial pest control in Perth, we can recommend the best commercial pest control solution for your flying insect problems. What Are Flying Insect Light Traps and How Do They Work? Most people would be familiar with the “buzz” and “zap” of a flying insect light trap or “bug zapper”; they are a great solution to ensure your customers can enjoy their meal externally, without being made a meal of by mosquitos and other flying insects. But when it comes to.. Read More

Pest Control for Your Garden

pest control for the garden
Planning and planting a beautiful garden is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to your life. It’s every gardener’s worst nightmare to see their plants infested with pests. Natural pest control is an easy way to enjoy a pest-free garden without compromising the look and life in your plants. Pest treatment begins in the planning process, and continues as you tend to your veggies and flowers over the years. The Pest Guys are experts in natural, non-toxic pest control including clever garden planning. Let us guide you with a few handy tips to avoid invasion: Companion Planting to Control Pests in Your Garden Some plants actually have pest repelling properties, and help their neighbours grow. Space out similar varieties of plants to avoid giving the pests a place to party and breed, then plant these guys throughout your garden to create a natural pest treatment barrier: .. Read More

Safe Residential Pest Control for Your Household Weeds!

residential pest control for weeds
Weeds are common in Western Australian gardens. They sneak up through cracks in kerbs and driveways, invade our gardens, and invite pests who use weeds as a food source. Residential pest control and weed whacking go hand-in-hand. The Pest Guys know how frustrating weeds can be, especially when they bring pests in to your garden. Our experience with natural pest control for Perth families has taught us a thing or two; read on to find out more about the weeds you might see in your garden, and how to combat them. Residential Pest Control for Western Australian Weeds Weeds can ruin your garden by stealing vital nutrients from the flora and fauna that you want to flourish. They grow quickly and without mercy. The first step in battling weeds in the name of residential pest control, is to understand the weeds you’re working with. Lawn Weeds There are several varieties of lawn weeds.. Read More

Homemade Pest Control Treatments That Just Don’t Work!

homemade pest control treatments don't work
When pests strike, it’s natural to want them gone straight away. The first thing you will probably do is turn to the all-knowing internet for a DIY solution, hoping to get rid of that bee hive or white ant infestation in an afternoon. The fact is, residential and commercial pest control needs a professional. You might be able to control the pest population that you can see, but it won’t stop them coming back – and what about the rest of the horde hiding under the house? We have heard of pretty much all the home pest control remedies, from the weird and wacky to solutions that sound almost feasible. Just like Unicorns, DIY pest control that actually works is a myth. Don’t try this at home Over the years in the Perth pest control industry we have come across some…inventive…pest control solutions. Here are some of the most common attempts that have failed: DIY Bed Bug.. Read More

Commercial Pest Control Services: Strata Management

Pest Control for Strata Managed Buildings
Strata management is like being a professional juggler. There are so many things to keep an eye on all at once, and your residents will call you straight away if you drop a single ball. The Pest Guys are here to take one of those ‘balls in the air’ away by looking after your commercial pest control services and building inspections; injecting service, integrity, and value in to pest management. From regular pest inspections, to Perth’s most conscientious fumigation and on-call pest control, you can rely on The Pest Guys to take at least one of your worries away. What we do Building and Pest Inspections Whether you have a niggling thought your building might be infested, or you want to keep up with regular pest inspection to keep tenants happy, our professional pest inspection services will catch any creepy crawlies causing trouble. All Pests The Pest Guys are trained and.. Read More