Wondering How Ants Get into The House?

Ants: they seem to appear from nowhere and overtake your home and no matter what you do, you can't seem to get rid of them or fix the problem. Do you wonder WHERE on earth they keep coming from? Ants are pesky creatures and can prove very difficult to get rid of. We show you how the ants get in and where they like to hide!     How Do They Get In?   Windows Window frames and windowsills are a common way for ants to get into your home, as they find small cracks and holes in the timber. Over time, rain and water can also rot the timber of your window frame, which will create the perfect environment for ants, such as carpenter ants, to excavate and create a nest in. Open windows and windows with “security screens” may also provide an easy way for ants to get in.   Walls and Wall Cavities Is your house looking a little worse for wear, with cracks.. Read More

Creepy Crawlies in the Office

Just like insects can find their way into our homes and cars, it’s not unusual for certain insects and creepy crawlies to thrive in our office spaces and workplaces. No one wants a cockroach interrupting their lunch break, or a mouse clambering over their foot while they’re sitting at their desk, but what if we told you that some of your office pests can also hitch a ride home with you? At The Pest Guys, we know first hand how pesky and destructive office pests can be – and while we can’t help you get rid of your pesky workmates, we can definitely help with the creepy crawly kind - so here are some of our tips to keep your office pest free.   The Worst Culprits Cockroaches There’s something about cockroaches that makes everyone a little bit squeamish. Cockroaches are notorious for spreading diseases such as salmonella, as they freely move between.. Read More

Nine Signs You Have Termites

While termites may seem to invade your property silently, lurking in the woodwork or structure, there are warning signs that homeowners and tenants can look out for that can confirm you have a termite invasion. The risk of termites in Western Australia ranges from moderate to very high in some places! It is important to know what to look for, as a minor tip off about the presence of termites could save you from structural damage and high repair bills in the future, and will allow our team at The Pest Guys to provide a prompt termite treatment to your Perth home. As the professionals in pest control, our team at The Pest Guys have put together the top nine signs to look for in your home that may tip off the presence of termites. Wood That Sounds Hollow When Tapped – This is the sign most people would be familiar with; drywood termites will eat wooden structures from the.. Read More

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Termite Risk

With Perth and the best part of Western Australia susceptible to termite damage, ranging from moderate to very high, it is important that tenants, home owners, home buyers and home builders undertake steps to protect and treat termites before they can cause severe structural damage. As the professionals in pest control, The Pest Guys have put together our top 10 tips for termite protection and termite treatment, which will help to keep your home safe and termite free throughout the year.  Book An Inspection! - Whether you’re looking to buy, looking to build or you have a suspicion there may be termite activity in your home, having the team at The Pest Guys out to look at your property is the first step to preventing an infestation or treating one early. We encourage everyone to book annual termite inspections, as the earlier these pests are detected, the better the.. Read More

Termites Around Australia

australia and its termites
Our sunburnt country is home to a variety of deadly, dangerous and destructive animals and insects. One pest that we deal with regularly at The Pest Guys, that is small in size but big in might, that thrives in our warm climate and causes damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year is the termite. While The Pest Guys just work to prevent and undertake termite treatments in Perth and WA, termites are causing a nuisance in most parts of Australia. There are termite hot spots within each state around the country, and we literally mean hot; termites prefer the warmer areas of Australia. Australia’s Termite Hotspots Western Australia Our humble little hometown of Perth is a hive of termite activity, thanks to our high seasonal rainfall and warm to hot climate. One of our hotspots for termite activity is the South West coast of WA, from the north of the Perth Metro area,.. Read More

How Does House Construction Affect Your Chance of Termites?

When you think of buying or building a new home, the presence of termites may not automatically come to mind. But these pesky, destructive house guests can cause a lot of damage to both new and existing properties if they are not treated. Unfortunately, no home or lot is completely immune to the effects of termites and pests. So what type of home construction results in a higher chance of termites, and how can professionals like The Pest Guys help you to protect against termites with one of their termite treatments for your Perth home? Home Construction Your risk of termite infestation can vary, depending on where you buy, the type of materials used in the house, and the foundations the house was built on. Termites can also be attracted to your property through things such as trees close to the property, or woodpiles left in the open. Standalone Homes Whether your little piece of.. Read More