Can You Spot a Termite Problem Early On?

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At The Pest Guys, we are often only contacted once termites have invaded your home or business and caused damage! This comes down to many people being unaware of what signs to keep an eye out for if they suspect a termite infestation, or what kind of investigating can be done to determine if pesky termites have invaded your home or business. Book a termite inspection in Perth if you are unsure.  Termite Eggs Location! Location! Location! You’re forgiven for not being able to remember the last time you saw some termite eggs. Hopefully you’ve never seen them because you’ve never had a termite infestation, but it’s also likely you haven’t seen them because they are usually laid underground in the heart of the nest. This location keeps the eggs safe from predators, and in a space where the colony of termites can look after the eggs. What Do They Look Like? Termite eggs.. Read More

How Termites Damage Floors

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Termites are a destructive pest; they damage our homes and our gardens, and cause damage to our wallets! We’ve all heard horror stories about termites getting into walls, but did you know they can also do serious harm to your floors? A termite inspection is very important if you suspect termites.  Termites can prove a large problem for the ground you walk on everyday, so it is important to know how a termite can damage your flooring, the signs to look out for and how you can treat the problem. You may need to book a termite inspection.  Wood While termites are generally more interested in soft wood or already decomposing wood than hard wood, they can certainly devour both! Unfortunately, if you have a hardwood floor that begins to show signs of stress from termite damage, you will no doubt find there is significant damage to the supporting structures below the wood as.. Read More

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment: Commercial Buildings

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A pre-construction termite treatment is one of the most important parts of any build, but it is of even greater importance when it comes to commercial builds. Termites are one pest that we deal with regularly at The Pest Guys; they thrive in our warm climate and cause damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year to homes and businesses across Australia, but unfortunately, most insurers do not cover for termite damage! With that damage bill in mind, we look into the importance of termite treatment and the reasons why your business cannot afford to skip a commercial pre-construction termite treatment. Pre-Construction Expectations Applying a pre-construction termite treatment to a new construction site is integral to ensuring termites stay away for a prolonged period of time once the structure is completed. During the pre-construction phase, one or more chemical.. Read More

Natural Pest Treatment: Bugs that Get Rid of Other Bugs

Lady Bugs | The Pest Guys
Having insects lurking in your garden doesn’t have to be a burden – it can actually be beneficial to the health of your plants and can also help to control the population of less desirable insects. So which insects should you welcome into your garden to help with natural pest control, and which pests should get The Pest Guys “special” pest treatment?   Ladybugs Ladybugs, or lady beetles, are the surprising predators on this list. Their pretty façade makes them an admired insect, compared to some of their creepy crawly counterparts. These adored bugs consume both pollen and insects, so you can attract them to your garden with flowers and an abundance of pesky critters. They will act as a Natural Pest Treatment.  One insect that the ladybug preys on is the aphid. These insects find their way into most gardens, attacking your plants from the roots to the leaves,.. Read More

How Do I Get Rid of White Ants

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One of the most common queries we get here at The Pest Guys is: “How on earth do I get rid of white ants?” Well, first thing’s first, white ants are really termites (it’s a common misconception, don’t worry), and secondly, you get straight on the phone to The Pest Guys! What are White Ants? “What do you mean white ants are really termites” we hear you ask. The term ‘white ant’ is just another name given to the termite, so they are actually the same insect! The name stems from the creamy white colour of the white ant and the pesky critter’s similar appearance to the ants we more commonly see or come into contact with. While termites, or white ants, and ants may look similar at a glance, thanks to their small size and similar body shape, it’s surprising to note that these two insects aren’t even closely related! Termites are actually more closely related to.. Read More

Killer Pests

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While you are sleeping, there are few things worse than the high-pitched “buzz” from a mosquito, or the horrifying moment an UCC (Unidentified Creepy Crawly) finds its way across your face or limbs. But while pests and bugs are definitely irritating, sometimes their effect is more sinister. Sometimes, pests can actually be deadly to pets, or even yourself. As professional pest controllers in Perth, we come across some of these nasty critters on a very regular basis. We know that Australia is infamous for being home to some of the worlds most dangerous animals, so read below to explore which pests are no joke, and should be taken care of as soon as possible, to avoid dire consequences. Fleas While the common cat flea won’t necessarily spread the Bubonic Plague to you, the oriental rat flea might. These fleas are commonly found in clothing, bedding or close to areas.. Read More